Comptek Has New line of 5G Shrouds and Mounts Designed for High Winds

Comptek Technologies, an Aero Wireless Group company specializing in smart poles and wireless infrastructure solutions, last week announced a line of shrouds and mounts that they hope will simplify and expedite permitting and deployments for wireless network operators. The company is the developer of CityPole® smart poles.

They describe their DeploymentReadyTM 5G tri-sector shroud, 5G modular shroud and accompanying mounts as “the smallest and lightest available for concealing 5G antenna integrated radios (AIR) and managing cables. Designed and tested to reduce installation time, the company’s line of shrouds and mounts also feature aesthetic and architectural qualities important to municipalities.”

The shroud weighs in at four pounds. All cables are concealed in the shroud’s 30-inch by 7-inch by 7-inch profile and houses three AIR in a 48-inch tall by 16-inch diameter body above a decorative transition shroud.

Made of the latest composite materials, the shrouds feature weather-resistant properties to minimize UV degradation and maximize longevity, durability and insect and water mitigation. The company says they have put the equipment through extensive modeling, thermal analysis simulations, and third-party laboratory testing to ensure products meet GR-487 requirements… Read More on Inside Towers